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Loved this guy’s onstage energy in WU LYF.  He also plays bass in the WU LYF split-project Los Porcos.  

Francis Lung is the moniker of Manchester resident and former bassist of the ever enigmatic WU LYF, Tom McClung. For his first official release Francis Lung has teamed up with Atelier Ciseaux Records for A Selfish Man 7”, an ambling slice of sophisticated indie rock complimented by the Mazzy Star infused b-side “Tsunami Blues (Cause of Me)”.

The project is truly a solo effort, McClung plays every instrument on the tracks and self-records from his home. Late last year Francis Lung revealed the first taste of the project with the sublime “Age Limits” stream and accompanying video. Although currently still in the works, debut Faeher’s Son was written over a 3 year period spanning before, during and after the experience in WU LYF, the collection of Francis Lung material bares witness to a fair amount of turbulence and reflection.

January by SILVA

SILVA is from a small island off the coast of Brazil.  We were able to preview his new album and are loving the chill pop vibes.  It comes out Setp 23rd on Six Degrees Records.   “January” is the single off the album but has been released on an EP along with a remix from Teen Daze and another track.

Here’s some info about the song SILVA shared with GFMD:

“January” was the first song I produced for the “Ocean View” album. I had the most of the melodies saved in my computer and the first sounds of the track were made with a Tempest drum machine. After this I added some synths such as a Prophet 08, Juno 60 and a MicroKorg. Then I invited some friends that play in a orchestra to record the brass parts, the main saxophone solo and the additional drums. In my country, January is the warmest month in the year and it makes people feel very relaxed. This song brings a bit of this feeling to “Ocean View”.

And a lil vid to help ya relate…